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    Make a Difference With Us

    Volunteer with us and help make a direct difference to our community! Join our Telegram Channel (t.me/gwtfvolunteer) for volunteering opportunities.


    Here's how our channel works:

    • We post volunteer opportunities every month that you can take up on an ad-hoc basis, based on your own schedule and capacity.
    • Each open call will include details + requirements of each volunteer opportunity.
    • You can volunteer for as little or as often you'd like!
    • Typically, our volunteer opportunities come in 4 different roles:


    1. Box Designer

    Our menstrual product donation boxes are a GWTF hallmark! Let your creativity flow on a blank 21.6”x21”x42” (LxWxH) box that will be placed at public locations for donors to drop off sanitary products to our cause.


    2. Delivery Driver

    We work with multiple non-profit organisations and provide care packs for their beneficiaries on a monthly basis. For us to continue expanding the number of people we help, we need people who are willing to drive to the centres and deliver the pads around the last two weeks of every month.


    3. Mutual Aid Coordinator

    We want to reduce gatekeeping for period products because everyone and anyone who requires them is entitled to it - no means-like testing required! For this to be effective, we want to build neighbourhood mutual aid networks, so we're looking for people who can help deliver care packs to multiple people within their own estate!


    4. Packer & Inventory

    Every GWTF care pack is packed and sealed by hand for delivery to our beneficiaries every month. As we grow our reach, we need volunteers to come onboard to prepare the care packs with us and help with inventory stock checks.


    For volunteer-related inquiries, please email volunteers@gowiththeflowsg.com.