• Meet the Team!

    Here are the friendly faces behind GWTF. We're a small, tight knit team of friends that care deeply about eradicating period poverty in Singapore.


    Many of us are fortunate enough to not experience period poverty. I strongly believe that no job is too small, no effort is too little. Let’s all come together in our own ways to make period products accessible to all menstruators who require it and make periods easier to navigate with ease of convenience and comfort. Menstruators deserve easy accessibility to such necessities - period.


    I firmly believe that period poverty should be eradicated. Knowledge of menstrual health is paramount to reach this goal. Embrace and trust the flow.


    I believe in dignified and equal menstrual healthcare because of how biological periods are - making it so undoubtedly essential that nobody should have to go through a harder time managing it.


    As an organisation, we value inclusivity and respect for the people we work with. I am strongly committed to including marginalised communities in the conversation and advocating for a space of mutual care and consideration. By including everyone in period issues, we can move forward to create equal access for all!


    It's about time we shed light on issues that more than half the population has been facing for centuries - adequate menstrual healthcare is a basic human right.


    Unequal menstrual healthcare is an issue that so many people face, and yet it is often underlooked. I believe that menstrual healthcare is not a luxury but a necessity that everyone deserves.